Credit Repair Process

As a consumer you have rights. Your information reported to the credit bureaus must be accurate, fair, relevant and verifiable. It’s surprising how often creditors make errors when communicating to the credit bureaus. At Credlii, our experts work to ensure credit companies do not abuse these standards to help you get on track to a healthier credit.


What’s worse than bad credit? Time wasted.

The minute you sign up, we instantly review your credit report with you from all 3 bureaus to determine which items must be challenged. This will help create a custom approach for your unique situation and expedite the process of removing the negative item(s) off of your reports.


It’s important to know the rules and your rights.
Partnering with Credlii means not having to worry if the process is done accurately.
Our team of specialists directly contact the credit companies and creditors so that negative item(s) on your record are removed in a timely manner.


Easily track your progress online with your own Credlii account! It’s simple to use and includes helpful tools and a personal dashboard, score tracker and alert updates.


Yay! You just graduated from our program, so now what? Our team will create a personal plan just for you, at no additional cost. Our goal is to not just help restore your credit, but continue to keep you on the right track.