Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long till I see results?

In some cases, results are shown in 4-5 weeks. The average length is 4 to 8 months. From the time we send out the first letter to the bureaus, they have 30-45 days to respond. This really depends on your goals, situation and how much work is needed. During the initial consultation, your assigned Credlii Specialist will build a personal game plan just for you. We present strategies you can apply right away to help boost your credit score.

What is your exact process?

Our process is addressing any questionable negative items that could be hurting your credit profile. If the bureaus and your creditors can’t prove these items are fair, accurate, and substantiated, they are required by law to remove them.

Why do we have to repair all 3 bureau reports?

Not all financial institutions go of the same credit report. For example, if you’re applying for a home loan and only 2 out of the 3 bureaus are repaired, but your lender goes off the bureau report that has not been repaired, then can have a negative impact.

Are results guranteed?

Results are not guaranteed. In fact, it’s unlawful for any credit company to guarantee results or a specific outcome. It is a direct violation of the Credit Repair Organizations ACT (CROA). In order to remain compliant with Federal law, Credlii cannot promise any results to our applicants, nor can any other credit repair organizations (CRO).

How will I know if my credit has changed for the better?

After we process the dispute letters, the bureaus will have 30-45 days to respond. During this time, there will not be much updates. The bureaus will send all results to you directly via mail, so you will see the results before we do. It is important, you provide our office with a copy of the response from the bureau(s), so we may update the file, or respond back accordingly to the bureau(s).

Can I repair my own credit without a credit repair company?

Absolutely. You can reach out to the credit bureaus and creditors directly. However, this process can be time-consuming and confusing. Working with a reputable credit repair company like Credlii can help you remove these items from your reports quickly and efficiently.

What are your fees?

Unlike other credit repair companies out there offering confusing levels and packages, we keep things simple and transparent. Please reach out to one of our credit specialists for a quote. No hidden or junk fees ever.

Can I cancel antyime?

Yes. Can cancel anytime with a written notice without any penalty or cancellation fee. Just remember, credit repair isn’t going to happen overnight.

How can I track my progess?

Part of the membership, includes 24/7 access to your own personal credit repair tracker login. As we are working with your credit bureaus, we’ll notify you of updates to your profile account via email. When you have items removed or improved, you will see them on your credit report, which is updated regularly online.

Does Credlii offer any discount?

Yes, we do. Credlii offers discounts to all veterans and active military. We can’t thank you enough for your services.

Can I pay more for faster and better results?

Unfortunately, there is no VIP access to the bureaus or expedited processing. Any company that promises or guarantees you quick results, is a red flag and in some cases illegal.

Is credit repair a scam?

While most places that offer credit repair services are not a scam, be careful of any company that provides guarantees of results. Not only is that illegal, but it is also a red flag that something suspicious may be going on.

Do you offer debt settlement?

At the moment, we do not offer debt settlement services. Our speacialty and focus is on credit repair, which is a totally different service from debt settlement.